Summer is a great time to pack your bags and get out of town – and we’ve had a little bit of travel envy this summer seeing some of the amazing trips people have been embarking on. Taking trips to inspiring places can renew your creative spirit and get your artistic juices flowing. We stumbled across the most amazing Italian hotel, Le Sirenuse, and not only is this location inspiring as a destination but just imagine this as the backdrop for an amazing event!

Nestled in Positano, Italy, this glamorous hotel has such great style and breathtaking views of the harbor to boot. Dining under vine-covered ceilings or relaxing by the pool or in one of their amazing rooms – how could you not be inspired? The sights, sounds and tastes of the Italian coast could not be a more perfect resource for imagination and refreshment.

I mean, those colors?!? Are you serious Italy? We’re ready to book a room right now and spend the next 3 weeks 2 months drinking in all that we can in this picturesque place. But even if we can’t visit or host a fabulous event here, we can still be inspired by the photos and dream about how to bring a little piece of it to “la tavola.”

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