We’re fans of the Mediterranean. Who isn’t? Italy, Greece, Spain, etc etc. We love the colors, textures, sights, sounds and flavors. And a little mediterranean mosaic? LOVE LOVE LOVE! Our new Sienna linen captures a glimpse of the landscape in a fun and bold pattern in three appropriate color ways.

Mediterranean Mosaic

Tile | Dress | Landscape | Gate

Blue and white is always a crisp and beautiful palette, from delftware to white sand beaches it’s a crowd pleasing favorite. Sienna Blue is perfect for this classic color combination.

Red, yellow and blue is what we typically think of as a quintessential Italian palette. Earthy and organic tones that play off one another and create an amazing balance.

St. Peter’s Basilica | Invitation Suite | Limone Sul Garda

We love the richness of this color combo and Sienna Red is the perfect option for that provincial feel.

Blue and yellow is another combo that speaks of the Mediterranean countryside. Sienna Yellow is like a combination of limoncello and Lac Bleu de Lesponne.


Okay, that might be a stretch. But it is really pretty and we like it.

Do you have a favorite between the three?

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