Happy Monday dear friends! We have a colorful story¬†for you today, actually it’s a color story but that’s basically the same thing. Let us set the scene for you: you’re just perusing the inter-web, minding your own business when *BAM* in walks a real beauty and you stop dead in your tracks.

ROKSANDA Pembroke Dress

“Hi, hello. Who are you and where did you come from? You’re so beautiful, I don’t know what to do with myself.” Obviously she feels the same way about you, so you become best friends and the rest is history. Now you’re throwing a “We’re BFF’s!” party and you need to set the tone with the color story you fell in love with. What’s a girl to do? Don’t panic, stay calm. We’ve got your back.

Color Story

  1. Nuovo Black
  2. Nuovo Dusty Rose
  3. Nuovo Periwinkle
  4. Tuscany Camelia

Done, done and done.

Okay, maybe the story didn’t really happen like that and maybe you don’t need to put together a “We’re BFF’s!” party. But you can still rock this color story.

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