Well, the results are in, ladies and gentlemen! I have officially gathered some of the most beautiful tabletop inspirations for Thanksgiving out there. Even better, I will pair up each design with linens from yours truly to create your very own fabulous decor! Thanksgiving is less than a week away, so let’s get started, shall we?

Besides the small, delicate serving dishes and gold-colored utensils, the element that really ties in this modern-but-elegant look is the black and white design of the fabrics. Below are linens that will give the same effect:

Down the Lane Onyx, Essence Onyx, Bingo White + Black

This is a glamorous yet composed look that I absolutely love! Depending on the color you’re going for, either the Tuscany Turquoise or Tuscany Twilight are fantastic matches!

Now who’d ever think you’d see those words together? Not to mention that such different styles could so perfectly compliment one another to create a fresh, inviting look. I love the natural table linen colors paired with bright oranges and fall reds. The full, yet uncluttered details (I want those acorns!) make this motif bounce.

Hemstitched Ivory, Tuscany Natural

My favorite things about this set up are the berry branch, persimmons and the plum-fuchsia of the table runner. The pottery style plate is also a perfect repose with the brighter colors. Our Ottoman Plum (either in a square or a runner) has a beautiful raw linen texture that will exude that country feel:

This quilted fabric and homey yet chic ensemble is such an inviting refresher. Perfect for an intimate get-together or a picnic of leftovers!

Sundance Sage, Hemp Flour, Tuscany Mustard (for runner and napkins)

I love this decor because it looks almost other-worldly in its distinct and spritely nature. Focusing on nature’s beauties is the key here and even though there is no tablecloth, I have some fabulous napkin choices for you:

Renaissance Ivoire, Renaissance Argent

I just adore this set-up, not only for the gorgeous shades of lavender, but for the unique spin to Thanksgiving decor. Proud but understated, this beauty has a personal touch that makes Thanksgiving just what it should be: warm and welcoming.

Peau de Soie Lavender, Peau de Soie Lilac, Emma Plum

You didn’t think I forgot about my grandma’s home-made VEGETARIAN gravy did you? Well. . . here it is!

~Follow the thickening recipe from the previous blogpost. Substitute the turkey drippings in the gravy with the following:
Bring 4 cups of water to a rolling boil. Add thickening, stirring with whisk. Add to taste: Telma Vegetable Soup and Seasoning cubes, mashed into fine powder. And/or Carmel Instant “Chicken Style” Soup Mix (vegetarian). Add 1-2 tablespoons of Kitchen Bouquet.
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