Hello there, avid readers! Today we received our professional photos of the Open House One Year Anniversary Party, where we released our 2009 Collection, from the fabulous photographer, Jen Good. Take a peak at these gorgeous new pictures, debuting with. . . Alencon Lace in White!
This is a purrrfect linen for a wedding, especially one with a traditional or sweetly formal decor. It’s versatile though, too; it can be used for a bridal shower or engagment party, as it is exceptionally suggestive of the big day. It is also available in Ivory and Black.Theme for this linen: marry me!

Chain Silver (also available in Gold and Pink)

This linen comes in a table topper only and inherently adds some glitz to the party. Great for a fun event or something upscale with some shine. Theme: Chain, chain, chain. . . I’m a fool for you!

Emma Plum (also available in Apple Green and Lemongrass Yellow)

Ahh, where to start with this linen? The satin florals stitched onto the grape-colored organdy fabric bring a light and bright touch to the linen. Next, the plum color is so warm and glowing that it is perfect for a summer bash in or out of the sun. Theme: The epitome of lovely.

Windsor Chartreuse (see website for all colors)

This is a fabulous linen not only for weddings and parties, but also corporate events, as the pin-tucked effect offers a straightforward, business-oriented appeal. Theme: for all occasions!

Lyme Check Black (see website for colors)

As you can see, this is a great linen for it’s versatility with color combination. Black and white match with anything, so, theme: the sky’s the limit!

Lyme Check Yellow

The subtlety of this yellow is a perfect mix with the color’s brightness. If you want something mellow for a baby shower, girl’s lunch, or outdoor “picnic” this linen brings the sunshine. Theme: all smiles!

Essex Chair Cushions

These Essex chair cushions match with a linen and a napkin. Also lovely for a day time picnic or lunch, these linens can work as underlays to create a more upscale and “preppy” look. Theme: relax in style.

Paloma Sapphire (for colors see website)

The Paloma line works in a more sophisticated atmosphere but also can offer a vintage feel to an event. It would combine sweetly with English Garden-style florals. Theme: classic is back!

Daytona Opal (available in Star and Smoke)

This linen has some beautiful ocean tones but with a classy twist with a luxurious, dupioni-type fabric. Theme: You’ve gotta feel it to believe it!

Peony Harvest Gold (available in Ivory as well)

This is a rich fabric and color that adds class and warmth to an event, from a wedding to Thanksgiving, to a gold-themed gala! The raised floral pattern adds a playful element. Theme: Whimsy + elegance = oooh!

Daytona Star (available in colors mentioned above)

Why have silver and gold stayed around so long? Well, this linen showcases the reason: classic! Such a rich, crisp linen will enhance an understated elegance to the event. Theme: Never out of style.

Alencon Lace Black (also in White and Ivory)

Want a little sparkle but not too much? The sequins and beads in the fabric elevate the appeal of the linen to a class of fun and chic unparalleled. Theme: Why not?

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