This Wed Me Wednesday, we’re so inspired by this brilliant wedding, courtesy StyleMePretty, at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas. The dress, the décor, the design — everything about this wedding is so lovely and breathtaking!

The monochromatic tones of the bouquet in tandem with the voluptuous dimensions of the flowers is a quintessential bridal motif. It’s beautiful how the little bell-shaped flowers even compliment the dotted elements of the dress!

We also love how the invitations perfectly combine traditional beauty (the rose on the outside) and haute trends (chevron stripes when opened) to bring in elegance and hip references to current style.

Overall, the design of this wedding is opulent and regal, yet with a healthy dose of fun. It’s always great to see a bridal party really enjoying the moments rather than just going through the motions, and the silly poses and fun energy is certainly palpable in the photos.

Linens Featured : New York Nude [Dolce Collection] :: Sequin Chevron Taupe/Nude [Dolce Collection]


Top 5 Things We Love:

5. Luxurious décor [centerpieces, linen, threaded orchids]

4. Vibrant floral color scheme [centerpieces, cake table, cake]

3. Hanging orchids installations [ceremony, reception, cake]

2. Fun attitude and expressions of bride + groom and bridal party [pre-ceremony photos]

1. Consistency of design [ceremony, reception, florals]


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