Welcome to Wed Me Wednesday, event mavens! This breathtaking wedding photo shoot from Inspired by This is such an inspiration for 2015’s crisp, opulent, and epic design style.

First, let’s start with those dresses — three, to be exact! The sheer stripes / multi-layered wedding dress is a beautiful nod to modernity with a mix of opulent tradition. Then there’s the ruffle-skirted wedding dress (with luscious silk bow-tied straps, to boot!), brings in classic elegance with a hint of Latin tango-style flair. And of course, the peachy coral cocktail dress is a fun, quintessential addition to the comprehensive crew.

Next, let’s move onto the colors: evergreen, white, and — what is that fantastic peachy color in the flowers? It’s so unique that it’s hard to even put your finger on it! In any case, the combination of these three principal colors is brilliant in this throwback to Old South settings.

Simple and fancy at the same time, this inspiriting wedding shoot is a wonderful role model for this year’s events of the season.


Linen Featured : Hope Snow [Milano Collection]


Top 5 Things We Love:

5. Complimentary coordination of the Hope Snow linen / cotton field / sheer-striped dress.

4. Flamenco-style dress!

3. Color palette, textures, décor of tablescape.

2. Simplistic, yet deep, elegance in décor items such as cocktail setup, cake, and bouquets.

1. Confident identity of design.


Source : Inspired by This

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