Not quite a double wedding, but two different wedding styles for two sisters is twice the fun. Katherine and Alexandra Rogers grew up in San Antonio, Texas and were married within a year of each other. While the two have always been close, they chose completely different styles for their weddings.

Two Different Styles for Two Sisters

Katherine up first! Katherine’s background as a ceramic artist and her love of nature and all things organic played an integral role in designing and planning for her wedding. Mixing wood farm tables with Tuscany Eggshell table runners and  Tuscany Natural table linens for a varied but cohesive look. Big Events Wedding used greenery and a soft neutral palette for florals. Add wood cross back chairs and wine barrel chandeliers and it keeps getting better! Layering rustic and romantic elements to create the perfect balance.

Photography by Clark Brewer

A couple of months after Katherine’s wedding, Alexandra got engaged and the planning for a second family wedding began! The wedding ceremony took place at First Presbyterian Church, followed by a stunning reception at San Antonio Country Club. The bride’s love of florals, elegance, and a “bit of bling” set the tone for the event. Big Events Wedding created a cohesive wedding reception design that varied a bit from room to room. Quincey Shell dazzled and complimented the dining space perfectly. In the ballroom, New York Nude adorned the tables, serving as the perfect backdrop for a glamorous night of dancing to celebrate the couple.

Photography by Austin Gros

Two completely different styles, both uniquely unforgettable!

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