Today I’m here to offer an inside scoop on a steamin’ color scheme for the summer. This combo is not overdone and is perfectly matched for a season that values bright colors. . . pink and peach! With an air of spriteliness, lots of energy and pure fun, this combo is sure to shine on during your big day. Check out some pictures of this fabulous duo:

It’s a synch to find peach and pink flowers. . . and even better when you get it all in one!

Even food can compliment your color scheme! (
One of the great things about this color combination is that you can pair so many different shades, including other colors, like yellow, in the mix! (

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Peau de Soie is a great summer linen because the satin material glistens in the light (indoor or sunlight!). For a comprehensive look at all of our colors, go to our website!
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