White and ivory tones are always classic nuptial colors, but to dress them up with floral designs or gems personalizes their appeal. Here are some linens that bring a little something more than just plain solid white to the table.

Peony – Ivory
For a bride with a look of understated elegance in mind, an ivory-colored luscious, textured cotton with a raised floral design creates the perfect rustic yet sophisticated feel. Tradition and whimsy balance effortlessly with the combination of the ivory color and the free flowing flower design.

Moonstone – White
If a bride desires a more glamorous motif to regale her wedding, a rhinestone-bedecked linen will enhance the atmosphere with a bit of dazzle and also inspire a feel of enchantment.

These white-with-a-spin genre linens create a traditional appeal and also bring some added character to the décor.

What is it about La Tavola that perfectly suits our clients’ needs, like those of a Napa Valley bride or the First Lady? We search all over the world, from England to Hong Kong, to find the perfect linen for our collection of over 600 fabrics. Each is hand-picked and embodies such outstanding quality that it provides a custom look “right off the rack.” Out of our luxurious, thorough selection you will find linens to dress any occasion and create a one-of-a-kind look.

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