As summer approaches its end and Autumn nears, the change in season allows for a beautiful new array of linen selections! What’s really up and coming this season is: table-toppers. A table-topper is a fitted linen that covers the surface of the table and extends about 6-10 inches below the top of the table. . . think of it as a *pretty* kind of “lid” for the table. The checkered and striped combo of the Lyme Check linens has especially been catching people’s eye for the topper style in our Beverly Hills location. Here are some pics to give you a little taste:

Table-toppers allow for a very fitted, put together, and chic look. The fabric above matches perfectly with our Essex linen, which can be used as the underlay with the Lyme Check table topper:

Mmm. . . can’t you just feel the loveliness of Fall with all these linens?!

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