White Glove

La Tavola is proud to introduce our White Glove service for Southern California*!


White Glove provides you with a turn key approach to all of our products. From simple on-site timed delivery and strike, all the way down to the perfectly pressed and folded napkins. All you have to do is design your event and let us handle what we’re known for – the Fine Linen.


White Glove offers two levels of service: Set and Perfect. With Set we will place all the linens for your event according to your specifications, making sure all of the seams are lined up and the edges neatly tucked under. The Perfect option is for the discerning eye. We roll in with our steamers, irons and other tricks of the trade to ensure that each product is perfectly editorial worthy. Our team will arrive promptly on-site with the product at the allocated time to complete the linen vision of your design. We can even return after your event to strike – including counting on-site and returning everything back to the warehouse.


Napkins? We can fold those for you. Chair Cushions? We’ll make sure each bow is perfect. Choose from our a la carte menu to customize the services you need. You can rest easy knowing that your linens will be perfectly set for your event.


Contact your sales executive for pricing and more information.


*For Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, Santa Barbara County and Ventura County only at this time.




“It was as if I had extra staff on site for the event. I truly felt that it was an extension of my team. I highly recommend this service. Can’t wait for the next event!”

Lynden Lane Co.

“The value is excellent. We are typically paying “someone” to do this and it is invaluable to me to not have to store, unload, set, steam, collect, and return the linens. #priceless”…It really is so helpful for us to not be responsible for the linens and for transporting/returning the linens. Also, counting and setting the linens is extremely time consuming and it was so helpful to have White Glove doing this at this event, especially given how spread out the venue was. Overall, WONDERFUL service, great team, and will absolutely want to take advantage of this service in the future.”

Laurel & Rose